Mitzvah Programs

Torah Workshop:

The holiest of Jewish objects is examined up close and brought down to a child’s understanding in this fascinating workshop!

Students learn about the parchment of the Torah Scroll and how it is made. Animal hides, stretched out on a scribe’s stretching frame, lend authenticity to this interesting process. Children are encouraged to touch many props and help sand down the hide to create parchment fit for writing. The different textures of the various animal hides on display help the children understand the uniqueness of each one.

Ink for writing a Torah – ancient style (similar to what was used to write the Constitution) - is made with help from participants.

Writing tools used throughout history are explored and a quill is created.

Using visual aids and props, students learn all about the different types of Torahs and their ornaments.

Finally, they practice writing on parchment with quills as Torah Scribes do.

Students go home with a "Scribe kit" or a Plush Torah (that they "build").

Mezuzah Workshop:

Aided by many props and with an assortment of Mezuzah scrolls and beautiful covers, participants:

  • Learn some of the history of the Mezuzah and what goes in to preparing and writing it
  • Learn laws and customs pertaining to the Mezuzah scroll, its cover and placement;
  • Examine Mezuzot in varied styles, sizes and conditions;
  • Create a copper Mezuzah cover with their own original design, which they take home.

Havdallah Workshop

The Havdallah ceremony comes to life as students explore its meaning and assemble their own Havdallah kits. 


Touch and examine the ritual objects used in the Havdallah ceremony and discuss their significance.

Dip wicks into vats of hot beeswax and then weave the thin candles to create a beautiful Havdallah candle.

Make a fragrance holder using your own blend of unique spices.

Learn to recite and lead the Havdallah service.